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Housing in Lebanon

Housing is mainly apartments with nice high ceilings and balconies. Both furnished and unfurnished apartments are available. Most Expatriates rent their apartment or house; some buy their homes. Both options are available but mainly depend on your company policy, income, and the length of your stay.

Popular area for the expatriate community is Beirut. The centre of the city is the rebuilt Downtown area, which comprises the Parliament building, the Banking district, numerous restaurants, shops as well as historic archaeological sights and the largest number of mosques and churches concentrated in a single area. To the east are the hip residential areas of Gemaizeh and Achrafieh, packed with bars and restaurants and many traditional Lebanese houses with their arched windows and red tiled roofs. Monnot Street in Achrafieh is the trendiest party area of the city. West Beirut offers the former pre-war shopping paradise of the city, Hamra, and the extremely fashionable neighbourhood of Verdun, as well as the lush, green campus of the American University of Beirut and the recently replanted pine forest – the major park of the city. Surrounding all is the Corniche, the wide shoreline promenade, full of charm and contradictions and Beirutis of all faiths, factions and ages walking, exercising, sitting and chatting.

The cost of housing varies from area to area and the size of the house or apartment you'll pay anything from US$1,800-3,500 for a 3 bedroom apartment to US$5,000-7,000 for a 4 bedroom apartment and higher. The local currency in Lebanon is the Lebanese Pound (L£).

For unfurnished apartments, a lease of not less than one year is normally required. The majority of landlords request one year’s rent in advance. The rent usually includes water supply but excludes electricity and service charges, which have to be incurred by the tenants. Furnished studios and up to three bedroom apartments are usually provided with a refrigerator, cooking stove, kitchenware, plus basic domestic services, i.e. cleaning and maintenance.





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