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Domestic Help in Lebanon

Domestic help in Lebanon is very difficult to find. Maids presently available comes from Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Pakistan, and India (English speaking) and some from the Mauritius Islands and the Seychelles (French speaking).

Full-time employees frequently live at their employer's residence; they are provided with food by their employer and are also supplied with working cloths or uniforms. They are usually given one day off each week. Medical expenses of full-time help are normally paid by the employer. Henceforth, it is advisable to cover non-Lebanese domestic with medical and life insurance; premium costs range from $150 to $250 for a maid.

A number of agencies can supply domestics. They charge a service fee and an amount of money in advance to secure the domestics' services and work permits. While the salaries are reasonable, the up-front payments can seem excessive, but they cover a paid vacation and an air ticket home every 22 months. You may also find a maid through word of mouth.

A two-year contract for a Filipino maid usually costs $3,000, which includes a two-year insurance policy. The contract is renewable, at which time outlay fees are negotiated. The monthly salary is $200 and the maid will be given a full medical prior to commencement. Domestic help from India, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia usually costs less.

Government regulations concerning indemnities or social insurance do not apply to domestic help, and their employment conditions are therefore subject only to negotiation on an individual basis.





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